Totally Wicked is a reputable ecigarete company known for its vaping products. Among the very popular products it offers are its eliquids. The company actually has various ranges of eliquids to offer and one of them is Herbal Eliquid.

Totally Wicked Herbal Range Of Eliquids

Ejuice from this range is 100% organic and natural. There are no artificial flavors, nicotine and colorings added. These vape juices taste so great that no other juices in the market could compare to. In fact, the company considers this range as the cleanest and purest it has developed.

The herbal eliquids provide a subtle, yet magnificent balance of spices and herbs for a natural experience of vaping.


If you want to get this liquid product, you have three options for getting it. One is by purchasing an individual 10 ml bottle of your chosen flavor. The price for this is originally £5.99.

You may also order a multipack containing 5 10 ml bottles of juices in your chosen flavors. The original price is £26.95. There is also another multipack offer that contains 10 10 ml bottles of your chosen eliquid flavors.

Available Flavors In The Herbal Range

Basil & Vanilla. This flavor perfectly blends vanilla pods with basil. The resulting concoction is one that will give you a great taste sensation wherein fragrant basil is perfectly balanced with sweet vanilla.

Each puff you create will deliver smooth and dense vapor that smells great without any overpowering notes. The addition of vanilla makes for the additional sweetness and warmth in their ideal amounts so that you can enjoy a relaxing and a satisfying vape.

Blush Spice. What to expect from this flavor? Yu can expect to get a really nice fruity sing from the tropical blend of some exotic kinds of spices that include coriander red beet juice, basil and other delicately well-adjusted spices. The resulting light pink concoction is a tempting juice to inhale. Each puff is spiced and ends with smooth and silky finish.

Cardamom & Licorice. This vape juice is made from natural licorice that is expertly mixed with more than cardamom. In fact, this concoction also includes aniseed and fennel. The combination results to a warm flavor delivered to remind you of a licorice root it is raw yellow center and rough bark.

This flavor is full bodied and complex. It also has a woody undertone with overtones of spicy aniseed. Each draw will deliver a unique, but familiar sensation.

Clay Sage & Nutmeg. Simply hearing the name might give you an impression that it is not a really good combination. It sounds odd and probably would not work for a satisfying vape. However, the result is far from what most people would expect.

It will deliver a spicy, dark and intense flavor that is rich and well rounded as you exhale. It is a spicy and earthy delight that you can vape if you wish to awaken your senses and to tantalize your tongue.

Corydalis & Peppermint. This combination is well-known for its soothing qualities and its refreshing aftertastes. The corydalis plant is well blended with black pepper, menthol and peppermint that will soothe even your soul.

Frankincense & Almond. Full bodied and rich; the scent of frankincense will definitely wake you up. Herbs and spices including bitter almond, clary sage and vanilla are added in this liquid for s spicy and smooth punch.

Mountain Pepper. Mixed in this juice are spices, sweet flag and menthol. Inhale its crispiness that is paired with light pepper for a cool and refreshing vape.

Orange Blossom. Hints of tangerine with perfect amounts of spices and herbs are in this vape juice that will awaken the mind and enrich the senses.

Sweet Flag Menthol. This juice can create lush vapor that will saturate your senses with its mint flavors and exotic overtones.

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